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ANALYTICAL wooden packaging

- Sep 22, 2015 -

As people on the right of the box needs growing, packaging style is also increasingly come. Common carton box is divided into plastic boxes tin box pit box wooden box and so on. Today small wooden box will explain to you about the practicality and functionality.

First wooden packaging technology methods according to points: a shockproof packaging, moisture-proof packaging, rust-proof packaging, mold packaging, because wooden texture good, simple thick, often been used in a variety of high-end consumer goods packaging, such as food packaging , wine packaging, packaging, and other precious commodities.

 The main function of the wooden box are the following:

1, working function, it can be used repeatedly for transport equipment.

2, transport, to protect the goods during transportation of goods from the sun, wind, the invasion of rain, dust contamination and other natural factors, to prevent contamination, collision, extrusion and other commodities are damaged

3, the sales function, a beautiful and practical packaging can be a good confuse people's attention if the "reasonable price is the only key to open the customer wallet", the box will be able to dry the product into a "panacea."

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