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Gift box factory Teaches you how to calculate the price of paper gift box

- Sep 22, 2015 -

Now the packaging industry more and more, as a new clerk how to count the gift box prices?

Below small teach you a simple way paper gift box count price

Paper price + cost + prepress and India after the start-up costs + cost + 10% tax rate (not invoiced excluded) + shipping fares (or not added) = (Customer psychological price)

Example: There is a factory printed box 10000, use a single copper 250 grams too light plastic, no film, only the box for another product samples for reference, size 44 × 59, forming sticky customer requirements, and asked how much money one, price.

So as a new clerk and thou shalt sub-segment basis having step counting four.

(1) Production design fee: 1,500 yuan (can be more or less)

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