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- Sep 22, 2015 -

Graphic Design basic shape: in graphic design, the same or similar image of a group, and each of its constituent units as the basic shape, the basic shape is one of the smallest unit, use it according to certain constituent principles permutations, combinations, you can get the most constitute good effect.

1. Group shape: in structure, since the basic combination, resulting in a combination of the relationship between form and shape this relationship are:

2. Separation: between shape and form no contact, there is a certain distance.

3. Contact: edge between shape and form just tangent.

4. Cascade: Cascade is a relationship between the shape and form, thereby generating spatial relationship around, up and down.

5 through the stack: transparency overlap between shape and form, but not up and down before and after the creation of space relations.

6. combinations: combined with each other to become larger between the new shape between shape and form.

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