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Recycling of paper packaging box

- Sep 22, 2015 -

Our packaging designers in the analysis of the packaging material, we should first analyze their properties are configured with a reasonable packaging applications; also analyze materials and disassembly overall product, give full consideration to the recycling of materials, the reduction, reuse recycled, biodegradable material as a target and means of environmentally sustainable packaging. In some European and American countries, had to re-design has become obsolete record shape of fruit and other containers; recycled corrugated cardboard box, carefully designed to be living in different functions of the seat. Paper material is recognized worldwide as green materials, and paper packaging of highly adaptable, creative design style is very big. Make the best material design principle of fair use, packaging design can maximize function, and through the development of renewable raw materials, utilization, realize the cycle of packaging design, production and use. Development of packaging design sustainability first thing to consider is how to make the best natural resource materials, in order to fully utilize the material resources

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