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Understand the role of the pack

- Sep 22, 2015 -

1. Protection

Protection, but also the most basic functions of packaging, even if goods from a variety of external damage. A commodity, to be repeated in circulation before walking into a store or other places, and ultimately to consumers, during which need to go through handling, transportation, storage, display, marketing and other aspects. In the storage process, many external factors, such as impact, dirty, light, gas, bacteria ...... and other factors,

2. Convenient functions

The so-called convenience features, that is, goods packaging is easy to use, carry and store and so on. A good package works, should be based on "people" -oriented, the consumer's point of view, this will close relationship between commodity and consumer, and increase consumer desire to buy, trust in goods, but also to promote consumption by communication between enterprises and. I think a lot of people to buy cans filled with drinks, like that of a lid when the "pop" brings pleasure.

3. Sales Function

Previously, commonly known as "sell themselves", "first-class product, second-class packaging, third-class prices", as long as product quality, to worry about not sell. In the increasingly intense competition in the market today, the importance of the role of packaging for manufacturers versed. People have felt the "sell themselves." How to make their products to sell, how to make their products out of the assortment of shelves, rely on the quality of the product itself and the media bombardment, it is not enough

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