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Digitization And Environmental And Packaging

- Sep 22, 2015 -

On the future development of the industry trend, the German KBA China area general manager of sales and marketing leaflets Wang Lian Biao believes that the future of the industry will present three major characteristics of the unit model for future multi and fine, digitization and environmental protection is still the mainstream direction, the packaging industry will undergoing structural adjustment and regional metastasis.

Trend: a model for future multi-unit and fine

Swiss tobacco company recently installed a KBA manufactured about 35 meters, 19 units of sheet-fed offset press, the device contains three coating units, four drying device, 10 printing units, 2 one uses inert UV curing technology units, cold foil finishing even have online capability.

Commenting on the application, Cen, CEO of KBA Greater China, said Han, which is based entirely on the type of customer product customization pure one device. 3,4 previous sets of different process equipment can be made out of products through a variety of processes will combine the multi-unit sheetfed offset platform, it can be implemented on a one-time production of complete sets of equipment. Moreover, such a machine is a long lead time, it was introduced, this solution light pre understand the process of customer needs will take months. Cen Han said, which offset 19 units actually delivered in two ways, the first delivery of the first 17 units, after the installation of the production, again added two units.

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