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Export Packing Want To Succeed Need To Consider Three Points

- Sep 22, 2015 -

Factors that affect the visual color is the most active, people of color impression is usually the first element affecting sensory evaluation, according to research relevant institutions abroad showed that: the color can be instantly entered the consumer's perspective and impress, but this first impression that the decision to buy 60% of the process. Successful packaging design in color not only to meet the requirements of the general aesthetics, but also to meet the psychological needs of consumers for particular commodities cultural property. Color can create a potential cultural belonging, and about the impact on people's purchasing decisions. Before the product packaging design must understand the country's people of color understand and master their preference and taboos and history. In the 1980s American marketing professor Lawrence, the United States, Japan, Korea and other four countries conducted a sample survey results show that: the same color in different countries have different aesthetic sense, such as gray feeling in China is cheap while in the United States is expensive, high-quality and reliable.

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