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Our Packaging Demand Will Continue To Rise

- Sep 22, 2015 -

Packaging the name suggests is used to package the product box, can be classified according to materials such as: wooden box, carton, cloth boxes, leather boxes, metal, acrylic boxes, corrugated packaging boxes, etc., can also be classified by product name, such as : gift boxes, wine boxes, chocolate boxes, pencil cases, food packaging, tea packaging boxes. Now evolved into a wood, paper as well as other materials produced mixed together. Packaging function: to ensure the safe transport of products to enhance product quality and so on. Main material: Netherlands board, gray board, MDF, acrylic, metal, corrugated (léng) and the like.

In the packaging industry, large enterprises, state-owned enterprises less, private enterprises many and scattered, small overall size of the industry, while facing many foreign brands in the market invasion, such as the German SCHOTT Group, relying on its strong technical and economic strength inroads into the Chinese market. During the second five, China's packaging industry needs consolidation, through business alliances, acquisitions, mergers and other means, the formation of some large enterprises, joint ventures, thus promoting the healthy development of the industry forward.

With the rapid development of China's economy, health care costs and improved living standards and an aging population due to increased efforts to develop new drugs to increase the pace of reform of the health care system to accelerate and expand medical insurance for urban residents, the industry will continue to maintain rapid growth. Also China packaging materials and packaging quality varieties are significantly lower than the international level. Survey, in developed countries, accounting for 30% of the product value package, while China is less than 10%. Next few years will be the rapid development of China's packaging industry period.

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