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Paper Pacakge-green Package

- Dec 26, 2017 -

As times goes by, people pay more and more attention on environment protection, and plastic package be the main pollution created in people’s daily life. It not only pollute the land environment, but also threat the ocean animals.


Fortunately, we have paper package to replace the plastic package. Paper package most consisted of paper raw material, biodegradable and environmental friendly, it’s the real “green package”.


There are many style paper package, mainly paper gift box, paper round tubes, paper card box and paper bags.


Paper gift box also called paper rigid box, it’s consisted of paper case and inner board core. For the case, it can full color or pantone printing client’s different design and even do many surface finish like gloss or matt lamination, UV varnish, emboss.etc.



Paper round tubes also can be called cylinder tubes, it has inner round roll tube and glue case paper on the outer case. There are crimping tubes and flat tubes.

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Shenzhen Meijiacai packaging printing factory professional in paper gift boxes and paper tubes manufacturing since 2000 and have complete facility and over 150 experienced workers. Client can visit their web for more details and ask their server to book their own packages.

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