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You Know How It Is Healthy Cups Printed?

- Sep 22, 2015 -

According to regulations, the cup from the cup body 15 mm should not be printed pattern, bottom of the cup from the cup body should not be within 10 mm print. This is to avoid the ink into the mouth; but also to prevent the cups when stacking cups of oil contamination. Moreover, paper cups printing ink demanding. Continuous molding cups printability and heat-sealing properties of PE film surface machining required, the ink ingredients requirements, factors residual solvent quantity, and drying conditions must be adapted to the performance of cups.

Typically, paper cups printed using water-based flexo ink. For water-based ink, the adhesion properties of the ink is critical. To avoid losses, generally do a lot of tests before the formal print order to select a good ink adhesion. In addition, the print paper cups have good scratch resistance, gloss, semi dull and extinction. Components of the ink must comply with the Food Sanitation Law and the corresponding food packaging hygiene standards.

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